Your Vision For Love

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Your Vision For Love


Your Vision for 2019 - is a series of six one-to-one coaching sessions with me. It’s for anyone who wants to make every day of this year count. We will focus on you, your goals and dreams, your vision and purpose. The course is full of simple but profound tools and exercises.

As a previous participant put it, “This has changed the way I do LIFE!”

Six LIVE one-to-one online calls, full of tools, concepts and exercises will help you capture your vision and dreams and discover how to overcome the obstacles to living your purpose in all areas of your life.

The programme includes:

* Six LIVE one-to-one workshop-style coaching sessions

* Six video modules

* All the pdf materials you need to accompany each module

* Answers to the questions:

  1. What are your Dreams? Uncover the desires and hopes, ideas and aspirations that you may have squashed down over the years.

  2. What do you Value? The values you live by are the foundation of your life. This module helps you to align with the values you truly believe in.

  3. What's your Wildest Vision:

    1. for your relationships? family, friends, your love relationship.

    2. for your work and finances?

    3. for your health?

    4. for your soul and/or your spiritual life?

    5. for the planet?

    6. for learning, growth and contribution?

    7. for fun?

    8. for EVERY area of your life… Put your dreams and visions into words so that you can create a life you LOVE.

  4. What are your Memories from the Future? This module takes you on a journey into your future, in order to help you become clear about your priorities.

  5. What's your True Purpose in Life? This profound little exercise is deceptively simple, but might just change the way you do everything!

  6. Create your Vision Board. When your vision and dreams and purpose speak to you in words and images, your unconscious mind helps you achieve those things with ease.

If you want to make the most of this precious year, then take this journey with me to create greater meaning and purpose in every day of your life. These tools have changed my life and the lives of people I have worked with. They have the power to give you the best 2019 and help you live your dreams, vision and purpose.

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